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Our Ministries

Coffs Harbour Christian Community School

The school began in 1981 in the existing Church Hall with great support from our Church community. It continues to grow and expand as a significant ministry under the auspices of The Coffs Harbour Baptist Church. The school currently operates at three campuses. The Junior School (k-5) is located at the original site in Curacoa Street, the Bonville campus operates the Middle School (6-8) and Senior School (9-12), and in 2015 the school at Sherwood Cliffs was adopted as the third campus. Under the school's leadership, a number of outreach ministries operate, including the Coffs Coast Adventure Centre and the various school outreach programs that exist on a year to year basis.

Sherwood Cliffs

Sherwood Cliffs is a ministry to people suffering from Drug and Alcohol abuse and has been run in association with the Coffs Harbour Baptist Church for 28 years.  Over these years we have seen many people (both staff and seekers) grow in faith as God moves in peoples lives to give them a future that they thought wasn't possible.

Saturday Outreach

Our saturday outreach provides lunch at our local park

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