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Fatherheart Ministries

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Sunday 21st July at 10am

We are living in an age in history where God is revealing Himself as a Father in an unprecedented way since the time of the apostles.

We are finding that this prophetic revelation and sound biblical teaching of the love of the Father working through hearts that are open is producing a transforming, life-giving message of love, life and hope throughout the earth.

Through His life, death and resurrection, Jesus has opened the way to the Father. He has now made us acceptable and in our time of need it is safe to approach Father and live in His presence.

We are finding a Father that loves us with a love that reaches beyond all human expression of what love is. This truly is a love that surpasses knowledge.

Many are now finding what it means to finally find peace and come home to a place of rest after years of striving, obligation and performance.


Frank Naea was born in Auckland, NZ and is of Samoan/Maori descent. He comes from a large family and grew up in South Auckland. He met and married Sonia, born in North Carolina and they have two grown children, Luke and Ruth, all now living in Taupo NZ.

As a family, they were involved in Youth With A Mission NZ since 1981. Most of this time was involved in running training schools and teaching internationally for more than 25 years on the Father Heart of God. Because this had been the most life changing encounter during his early days with YWAM it was a natural progression towards teaching on this same topic. However, following a series of personal and mid-life crises, a life changing encounter and revelation of the Fathers love has led him into a whole new experience and living life from a whole new perspective.

The message of the Father’s love has spilled over into the revelation of ‘sonship’ and a life changing journey deeper into this LOVE.

It is Frank’s greatest joy to share the stories and insights gained along the way as he encourages others on their journey in Coming home to the Father’s love as His sons and daughters.



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